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  • DeVita BRT (New)

    DeVita BRT (New)         In 1977, a new biophysical method was developed in Germany, the MORA-therapy, by Dr. Franz Morell and engineer Erich Rachet, which was later named "bioresonance therapy" (BRT). This technique refers to endogenous bioresonance therapy. A whole new idea was to use the patient's own oscillations in therapy. From studies on physics, engineering, electric fields and electronics, we know that it is possible to suppress existing oscillations if the opposite direction of Read More
  • Depuls

    Depuls       The DEPULS features: General health evaluation, stress index, immunity levels, psycho-emotional status, and more. ECG recording. Evaluation of your functional capacity in accordance with the models of Indian medicine, based on chakra testing. Evaluation of your functional capacity in accordance with the models of Chinese medicine, bases on meridian testing. Evaluation of the overall energy state of the body, or your aura. Simultaneous presentation of test results for comparative analysis. Support for Read More
  • DeVita AP MINI

    DeVita AP MINI       Devita AP mini is a unique device which has no analogues in the world. Each person needs to maintain a high rate of health in the modern world. The device is used to relieve the stressful burden caused by the presence of parasitic forms in the human body: viruses, bacteria,fungi, protozoa, helminths. And also the presence of endo- and exo- toxins that block the work of the main excretory systems, which is one of the main Read More
  • Deta Mini Energy

    Deta Mini Energy       A revolutionary development, which promptly relieves fatigue, improves the performance of all systems of the body giving a powerful charge of clean energy. The device acts as a harmless energy that fills you with a desire to live, to create, develop and enjoy life. Full renewal of our cell energy within 10 minutes Protection from outside negative energies Contributes significantly into our better mood Offers protection from negative people DeVita Energy is a Read More
  • Deta-UDT

    Deta-UDT         The Deta-UDT is an innovative therapy device that incorporates three levels of healing in one device:1.treatment with electro-acupuncture2.treatment with electromagnetic therapy3.treatment with quantum healing It is a device that combines the Deta-Ritm and the Deta-Cosmo into one device. It is not so portable as these devices which are pocket size, so this is more designed for the health practitioner to have in their office for treating patients. The device uses a Read More
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