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People who use bioresonance healing products such as DeVita AP or the DeVita RITM have commented that it remains difficult to diagnose specific malfunctions or problems within the body despite the tremendous healing capabilities now possible. For this reason, alone, the idea behind the DEPULS+ was born. Now for the first time ever, there is a device which has the solution to this problem.
The DEPULS+ works by utilizing the scientifically-backed principles of Heart Rate Variability. In simpler terms, it is like having your blood pressure calculated. However, instead of simply giving you a set of numbers, the DEPULS+ uses algorithms to measure the energetic status of the Autonomic Nervous System.

Forewarned is forearmed!

Moreover, the DEPULS+ is also a great tool to help you measure the results of your bioresonance treatments. With this tool, you receive the peace of mind that you are truly doing everything you can to ensure your health and wellness.

The DEPULS+ features:
General health evaluation, stress index, immunity levels, psycho-emotional status, and more.
ECG recording.
Evaluation of your functional capacity in accordance with the models of Indian medicine, based on chakra testing.
Evaluation of your functional capacity in accordance with the models of Chinese medicine, bases on meridian testing.
Evaluation of the overall energy state of the body, or your aura.
Simultaneous presentation of test results for comparative analysis.
Support for the English, Greek, and Russian languages.
The DEPULS+ specifically has 14 different energetic parameters of health which it measures. Each of these energetic parameters play a unique role in determining your overall health.

These parameters include:

Heart Rate Variability
Vegetative and Stress Measures
Psychosomatic and Brain Balance
Immune Balance
Biological Age and Energy Pyramid
Gastrointestinal Balance
Balance of Other Organs and Systems
Spine and Joints
Functional Health
Aura Balance
Chakra Balance
Meridian Balance
Condition of Organs according to U-SIN
Dynamics of Functional – Energetic Measures