Deta Professional

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"DETA-Professional" has the widest range of functions for diagnostics and recovery.

It helps perform the following types of diagnostics and treatment:

Diagnostics and medication testing using the methods of R. Voll;
Diagnostics using the methods of H. Schimmel (by means of the "VEGA-TEST" Vegetative Resonance Testing Device);
Electroacupunture therapy with:
range of 0.1 to 100 Hz
digital frequency indication accurate to 0.01 Hz
manual setup of frequency from "rough" to "accurate"
"wave swings" mode with passage of time in the range of 30 seconds to 3 minutes within minimum and full frequency ranges
smooth adjustment of the therapy intensity between 0 and 300 Volts
all types of pulses
Electromagnetic therapy with a specially designed antenna suitable both for general and local therapy;
Field therapy frequency deviation in the preset range;
Classic bioresonance therapy developed by F. Morell;
Complex therapy;
Commutation of abductions.
"DETA-Professional" is an improved version of "DETA-BP". Compared to its predecessor, the device has the following
additional features:

Improved needle indicator with smooth needle movement;
A full range of accessories including roller and cosmetic electrodes;
Built-in electronic selector of relevant medications including:
medications produced by HEEL, Staufen-Pharma, WALA
medications developed by V.N. Sarchuk
radionuclides and isotopes
over 1,570 available medications for the Vegetative Resonance Test
over 3,000 other items, including those developed by Reckeweg, Penterkan, MERIDIANKOMPLEXE, Cosmochema, Nestman, Pascoe, PROMO-PHARMA, FialeTest, Wala, WalaCompositions, and Staufen–Pharma
Modification of "DETA-Professional" as of 2004 includes the following:

software update to "EavPro" 4.0;
Vegetative Resonance Test software "VEGA-Test" 2.19;
improved unit of complex therapy;
improved unit of electroacupuncture therapy;
improved unit of electromagnetic therapy;
extended operation range of the built-in unit of field therapy.
The delivery set of "DETA-Professional" includes the following:

set of electrodes with more than 15 accessories
power supply unit
custom leather bag