Devita Cosmo

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The “Devita-Cosmo” device for electromagnetic and quantum therapy is the first appliance in the DETA series designed exclusively for cosmetology. It is based on a fundamentally new approach to resolving dermatological and cosmetic issues. “Devita-Cosmo” eliminates not only visible skin defects but also their underlying causes. The stable reconstructive and cosmetic effects are achieved through double quantum and low-frequency electromagnetic radiations.

“DeVita-Cosmo” is a revolutionary invention by DETA-ELIS

“DeVita-Cosmo” embodies one of the main mottos of DETA-ELIS – a comprehensive approach to the body’s recovery.

“DeVita-Cosmo” is the first device designed exclusively for cosmetology. Unlike many cosmetic products treating appearance issues only, “DeVita-Cosmo” works on a more effective and deeper level.

“DeVita-Cosmo” implements a unique technology that combines the already famous “Ritm-15” with a quantum unit unmatched worldwide. In this tandem, the “Ritm-15” works as a therapist in treating the malfunctioning organ, while the quantum unit functions as a cosmetologist by treating any facial skin defects caused by improprieties within the body.

The double effect of the quantum and low-frequency electromagnetic radiations effectively facilitates a stable recovery and cosmetic improvement.