DeVita Mini Energy

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«DeVita Energy» - a revolutionary development, which promptly relieves fatigue, improves the performance of all systems of the body giving a powerful charge of clean energy. The device acts as a harmless energy that fills you with a desire to live, to create, develop and enjoy life.


«DeVita Energy» - a unique device that will protect you from fatigue, sleepiness, bad moods and other daily inconveniences faced by any modern person. The problem of loss of strength and poor health is particularly relevant to urban residents. This is not only associated with stress and a bad environment, but also with the biopathogenic fields around us (computers, smart phones, electrical appliances). 
«DeVita Energy» harmoniously emits electromagnetic frequencies that align the bioenergetic indicators launch function of regulating the body, based on resonance phenomena, and protects against bio-and geo-pathogenic factors. Just like a musical tuning fork sets up a musical instrument to the desired frequency, "DeVitaEnergy " adjusts our body to the frequency of health and recovery.This method and it’s effects on the body, are based on the work of Franz Morell - author of the method of bioresonance therapy.The properly designed program of electromagnetic action, restores and enhances the physiological indices, relieves emotional stress and charges the person with energy, giving a good mood and excellent health. With its stylish design, small size and ease of use «DeVita Energy» organically fits into your life.

Energise your body this summer with DeVita Energy!